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Shower Bath Hot Springs in Idaho

Season: Summer, Fall Type: M (multiday)
Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, South Half Overall Rating: A+
5,700 ft Water Temperature: Varies/pool
Sunbeam/Challis, ID Usage Level: Low

Picture Viewer

07.18.07: Hot water blasting out of the canyon walls with a little help from the wind

07.18.07: Geothermal wonderland

07.18.07: Stoked

07.18.07: Crystal clear

07.18.07: ....

07.18.07: Rainbow solar flairs

07.25.03: Hot water blasting out of the canyon walls

07.25.03: Incredible soaking

07.25.03: More hot water

07.25.03: Crystal clear water in the pools

07.25.03: Brandon navigating the Narrows

07.25.03: Warm Springs Ranger Cabin

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[ View 07.17.07 - 07.19.07 Video of Shower Bath Hot Springs ]

General Description
An unbelievable hot springs lies at the end an unbelievable journey into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The window for driving to either of the two trailheads that grants you passage to Shower Bath Hot Springs is only 2-3 months. In addition, the last stretch of the trail plunges into the cold Warm Springs Creek .25 mile before the hot springs on each of the only 2 ways into the hot springs. A welcome reprieve during the right time of year. This portion of the trail is referred to as the "Narrows". There's no bank to walk on either, the creek literally cuts through jagged, rock mountain. Moose, Elk and Deer kills are common in this area because wildcats utilize the Narrows to trap their prey.

Shower Bath Hot Springs features naturally conditioned pools that vary in size and temperature - most are rock walled with sand, rock and/or gravel bottoms.

Dates Visited: Trash Levels: Bug Levels:
07.17.07 - 07.19.07 none moderate
07.25.03 none moderate

Water Clarity:


None Noticed

Wildlife Sighted: Many snakes, black bear, deer, elk, moose and mountain lion

Seasonal Notes
Main access roads only open July-October (sometimes November) or August-September depending on which way you are coming.

Camping Notes
Decent camping close to the hot springs - there are 2 small (1-2 tents) sites amongst thorn bushes and tall grass.


07.17.07 - 07.19.07
It's always great to be back in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, even better to be able to spend some time at Shower Bath. You have to pay your dues to get here, and then again in the form of storms, but in my case - entirely worth it. I hold backpacking to hot springs miles away from nowhere above all else.
Rating: A+

Unbelievable... Shower Bath is so awesome that it gets my rare "A+" rating. We began our trek at the Phillips Creek Transfer Camp after spending the night at the nearby Tin Cup Campground. Then, it was on to the Upper Loon Hot Springs via Loon Creek Trail. After the Loons we continued on past Owen Cabin and hot springs of the same name where we then hung a right onto Warm Springs Creek Trail. The trail took us past Triple Creek Hot Springs (Foster Ranch), the old Warm Springs Ranger Cabin, Warm Springs Creek Hot Springs, though the narrows and finally to the coveted Shower Bath Hot Springs. Not to mention 8 (!) stream fords!

Shower Bath consisted of a copious amount of huge fissures erupting with hot water that flows down the rock face into many pools. All of the hot water eventually drains into a warm creek that runs into Warm Springs Creek creating an island which has 2 really sweet campsites on premises. This HS was truly remarkable, there's no place like it... anywhere.
Rating: A+

Average Rating: A+


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No Soap, Shampoo or BIO-Soap/Shampoo Allowed in Hot Springs! Avoid Being Fined!

Public hot springs are not bathing facilities and do not have 'plumbing' like that of commercial, improved hot springs. Soap and shampoo (including biodegradable soap and shampoo) do not completely breakdown naturally. This pollutes our water systems (ingested by fish, animals, humans) at or near the source. This is also illegal in most wilderness and public lands areas.

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