Idaho Hot Springs

Public Hot Springs in West-Central Idaho

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Season: SP = Spring, SM = Summer, ALL* = Snowmobile, skis or snowshoes required

Type: R = Roadside, H = Hike, M = Multiday.

Region 2: West-Central Idaho

Cities: Cascade, McCall, Riggins

Cambridge Area Hot Springs

  • Oxbow [SM] [FALL] (H)

Cascade Area Hot Springs

Council Area Hot Springs

McCall Area Hot Springs

  • Burgdorf Hot Springs [ALL] (R) - COMMERCIAL
  • Gold Fork [ALL] (R) - COMMERCIAL
  • Krigbaum (Last Chance, Keep Out) [ALL] (H) - PRIVATE PROPERTY/CLOSED
  • Secesh (Delta Mist, Whangdoodle) [SM] [FALL] (H) (M)

Riggins Area Hot Springs

  • Cable Car [SM] [FALL] (H)

Warm Lake Area Hot Springs

Yellow Pine Area Hot Springs

  • Cluster Hot Springs [SM] [FALL] (H)
  • Hot Creek (Hubcap) Warm Spring [SM] [FALL] (H)
  • Indian Creek [SM] [FALL] (M)
  • Johnson Creek [SM] [FALL] (H)
  • Kwis Kwis [SM] [FALL] (M)
  • Lodge Pole [SM] [FALL] (H)
  • Unnamed ID HS #2 [SM] [FALL] (H)

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