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  Commercial Hot Springs in Idaho

Miracle Hot Springs in South Central Idaho

Hours/Season: Open Monday - Saturday: 8am - 11pm (closed on Sundays)

Region: Hagerman, Idaho

Miracle Hot Springs in Idaho Private Pool at Miracle Hot Springs

View of Main Pool at Miracle

Private Pool Changing Area

Geodome at Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs in Idaho Main Pool

About Miracle Hot Springs

There are 2 large, general admission pools; one is kept at 105 and is partially covered while the other is kept warm for exercising purposes. There are 19 private soaking pools, each with adjustable temperatures and changing rooms. The continuously flowing natural hot spring water is soft to the touch and odorless. And finally, 4 of the 19 private pools are VIP pools which are designed for use by larger groups (4+). Availability is on a first come first severed basis, and phone reservations are accepted (7 day cancellation policy).

From Autumn 2011 through late 2012, Miracle Hot Springs has been undergoing a half million dollar renovation. The family owners have added two additional public outdoor pools and have upped the number of private pools.

Handicap access, restrooms and a gift shop with ample soaking supplies are available on-site.


General Admission

$9.00 Adults
$7.00 Seniors
$4.00 Children 4-13
$1.00 Under 4 (includes swim diaper)

Private Pools

Private pool prices are per-room in addition to General Admission

Regular Private Pool
$2.00 1 Hour
$6.00 1.5 Hours
$10.00 2 Hours

VIP Private Pool
$6.00 1 Hour
$12.00 1.5 Hours
$18.00 2 Hours

Overnight Accommodations

Aside from 5 tent and 11 RV sites right next to the river (with electricity), Miracle Hot Springs has 5 geodesic domes available for camping, events, retreats, workshops... etc. During the warmer season there is often a teepee set-up near the tent and RV sites that may be available.


Monday-Saturday: 8am - 11pm
Closed Sundays
Check In: 3pm
Check Out: 11am

Driving Directions

Located 9 miles south of Hagerman right off HWY 30. Check road reports during inclement weather. See below Google map for more...


Additional Information

Miracle Hot Springs
Features an assortment of hot springs soaking and lodging options.
19073 Highway 30 Buhl, ID
Phone: 208-543-6002

[01.15.11 Video Clip]
[01.23.09 Video Clip]
[02.26.07 Video Clip]


GPS: 42.69436, -114.856869

Avg. pH: 7

Video: Miracle Hot Springs in Idaho

Miracle Hot Springs facilities; public and private soaking pools and more.


Miracle Hot Springs Map

View Commercial Hot Springs in Idaho in a larger map


Pictures of Miracle Hot Springs

One for Hot - One for Cold Captn Black Toe Slurp Corner Shot

Trip Reports
Dates Visited: Trash Levels: Bug Levels:
12.17.11 moderate none
01.15.11 none none
04.02.10 none Moderate (Ants!)
01.23.09 none none
02.26.07 none none

Water Clarity:



Miracle’s grand reopening was on December 15th. I finally made a break for it on Saturday, a couple days later. After arriving I chatted with the front desk agent and found out that the two new public pools were complete, but awaiting to pass inspection. Hence, the emptiness. The new private rooms? Nope, not finished yet. They are coming along nicely, however. No offense Miracle, but I could have hiked around the forest and soaked in a non-commercial soak for much less $ in gas and fees. But, no. I just had to see the goods…

The entire complex had new paint on the stucco, many pool cracks mended, new restroom facilities (actually open and super nice) and was looking pretty good in general. Sadly, the view from my little window in the private soaking room was of garbage, cig butts and construction debris. There was a little bird…

… and of course the soak too, which was stellar, as usual per Miracle. pH tested at 7+

That concludes my once a year sojourn to Miracle Hot Springs. Until next time...
Rating B-

Almost a mirror image report of last year - great soak, great staff, except lots more people! The parking lot was mud mayhem! The soak - stellar.
Rating A

Wow! Full parking lot, full campground, full pools... despite all that, there was still plenty of room for a great soak. It was a little noisy at times (lots of kids), which was easy to drown-out with a simple twist of the hot and cold water valves within the confines of the private pool. Even the geodesic domes were in use, which I have to admit - look pretty cool.

The staff was friendly, facilities clean and soak stellar (as usual).
Rating A

I've never been known to favor commercial soaks. However, when time is short, the urge to soak high and the wintery roads sketchy - it's a good fit. This time at Miracle Hot Springs I decided to try one of the VIP pools. The main difference between the regular private soaking pools and the VIP pools is size. Both the adjoining changing area and soaking pools are larger, as is the price tag. While I immensely enjoyed my soak, an hour was not enough. I didn't want to plink down more coin to prolong. My recommendation? Soak regular private style, but for two hours. Once again, the staff was very friendly and soaking accommodations were clean. A great deal for a quick escape.
Rating A-

I must admit it was more than a little weird visiting a private hot springs instead of non-commercial hot springs. However, weird can often yield pleasurable results. This was one of those good-weird times. Miracle Hot Springs was clean, the staff was friendly and the soaking excellent. The alligators and geodesic domes fit well in this unique geothermal-powered environment. It was a nice and quiet soak; the water was soft and hot and the pool design inviting. I may have to change my policy on commercial hot springs and visit one more than once every other year, especially if they are all like this.
Rating A-

Average Rating: A-


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No Soap, Shampoo or BIO-Soap/Shampoo Allowed in Hot Springs! Avoid Being Fined!

Public hot springs are not bathing facilities and do not have 'plumbing' like that of commercial, improved hot springs. Soap and shampoo (including biodegradable soap and shampoo) do not completely breakdown naturally. This pollutes our water systems (ingested by fish, animals, humans) at or near the source. This is also illegal in most wilderness and public lands areas.

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